Oliver Mold

Oliver is a staff accountant on our Audit team. He is from Pawling, NY and attended St. John Fisher College.

How did you first learn about EFPR Group?
“Through the St. John Fisher recruitment program.”

What attracted you to the firm? 
“I truly enjoyed everyone I met throughout the interview process, everyone was very friendly and helpful. In addition to the people, getting a chance to see the office itself and work environment gave me a great overall feeling about the firm.”

So far, what have you enjoyed most about working here? 
“I enjoyed how helpful everyone has been in my first couple of weeks. I also like how I was immediately scheduled on clients, this made me feel involved and valued as a new hire.”

What excites you about the future at EFPR Group?
“Seeing the relationships everyone has with one another as well as the opportunity to get great experience within the many different business areas the firm focuses on.”



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