Connor Slattery

Connor is a staff accountant on our Attest team. He is a Rochester, NY native and attended nearby St. John Fisher College.

How did you first learn about EFPR Group?
“I learned through on campus recruiting events put on by the firm.”

What attracted you to the firm? 
“What attracted me was the sense of comfort I felt when speaking to members of the firm as well as the opportunities the firm could offer me now and in the future.”

So far, what have you enjoyed most about working here? 
“What I have enjoyed so far about working here is the people are so welcoming and fun to work with. Also the work I am doing is always changing and provides me with new skills and knowledge I didn’t have before.”

What excites you about the future at EFPR Group?
“What excites me about the future is the chance to grow my personal career as well as help the firm and others reach their goals.”



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