Chris Sacheli

Chris is a senior accountant on our Tax & Business Services team. His hometown is Victor, NY and he attended St. John Fisher.

How did you first learn about EFPR Group?
“EFPR has a great presence at the local colleges so I first learned of the firm through the recruiting process.”

What attracted you to the firm? 
“The firm made it very clear that they value their employees highly. Between the scheduling flexibility and the social events for the employees, EFPR offers a very enjoyable place to work. They also offer some of the most advanced technology in the industry which makes doing our job much easier.”

So far, what have you enjoyed most about working here? 
“I truly enjoy the people I work with and I’m looking forward to developing strong professional relationships that I can carry throughout my career. The upper management within the firm is also very hands on with the employees. This offers a great opportunity to learn.”

What excites you about the future at EFPR Group?
“EFPR offers strong stability in any employee’s career path. The firm neatly lays out what is expected of you and what you must do if you wish to further advance your career within the firm. EFPR is also very willing to listen to everyone’s input on how to make any aspect of the business better. I am looking forward to contributing in that regard over the years.”



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