Alexander Speer

Alex is a senior accountant on the StoneBridge Business Partners team in our Rochester office. He attended the Savannah College of Art and University of Rochester, and is from Medway, MA.

How did you first learn about EFPR Group?
“Edward Vargas, a friend and former colleague at University of Rochester, approached me about an opportunity with EFPR Group, specifically in the StoneBridge Business Partners division.”

What attracted you to the firm? 
“While interviewing with Jim Marasco and Tom Niles, their passion for the company was readily apparent. Besides that, the challenges inherent to the job excited me as a lover of puzzles, riddles, and other problem-solving exercises.”

So far, what have you enjoyed about working here?
“As with so much else in life, it all comes down to the people. Everyone I’ve met so far have been gracious, friendly, and accommodating, but also energized in a way that I rarely see in a workplace.”

What excites you about the future at EFPR Group?
“The challenges, new learning opportunities, and potential to grow with the division, as well as the company at large.”



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