Gain experience and fit right in with employees and partners.

Internships often lead to jobs at EFPR Group. Our program introduces interns to the accounting field and provides exposure to specific practice areas in a professional setting, accompanied by interaction with fellow students and EFPR staff at all levels.

This year we offered and filled eight internship roles, in areas and departments including Audit, Tax, and Forensic Accounting (StoneBridge Business Partners).

We accept applications from all students, from any institution. Please submit your resume to to express interest in these opportunities.

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“I really enjoyed it because it challenged me to go out of my comfort zone
and I learned a lot in the process

– Hannah Pingrey, Former Intern

“It is hard to narrow down a favorite project because there were so many. I think that the people and
and the environment made the opportunity so interesting and allowed me to learn.”

– Michael Cifarelli, Former Intern

“I was able to gain a great deal of knowledge about certain tax laws and procedures;
more than I would have been able to learn from a textbook in a classroom.”

– Kaylee Stoelting, Former Intern

“I was preparing individual tax returns on my own, and it gave me confidence with the work I was completing.
EFPR Group’s environment enabled me to learn gradually and understand what I was doing.

– Stephanie Licciardello, Former Intern

“Everyone truly cares about you and that doesn’t happen in every accounting firm.
They kept my interests in mind and let me explore different areas in tax while challenging me along the way.

– Mackenzie Myers, Recently Hired Former Intern

“It was different every day. I worked on so many different things.
It was helpful to see how different and real it is at an actual firm versus the classroom

– Amanda Helak, Former Intern

“They treated me like a staff accountant. Clients didn’t even know I was an intern.
I had a lot of responsibility. They really gave me the opportunity to take it to the next level.”

– Spenser Iodice, Former Intern

“It has been great to apply skills that I really couldn’t in the classroom.
I’ve also seen in practice the things I’ve learned in school, and many things have been validated.”

– Justin Leathers, Recently Hired Former Intern

“Everyone is so willing to help you learn and grow, at all levels, and everyone wants you to grow with the company.
I liked that as a intern. I wasn’t doing menial work, they wanted me to advance in that position.”

– Jocette Rioux, Recently Hired Former Intern