Scott Buckley

Scott_FeatureScott is a Rochester native, and relocated back to the area in November of 2014 to accept the role of Supervisor, Tax & Business Services at EFPR Group. He came from Connecticut, and a Big Four accounting firm. He admits he was most attracted to EFPR because of the wide range of services offered and client relationships.

“Before, I couldn’t expand. Here, they do everything,” Scott said. “It’s a full-service firm and if I decide I don’t like the area I’m in now, I could go somewhere else. The ability to grow was one of my conditions – then they brought me in for a meeting just to see what kind of training I wanted to get into outside my line of service.”

Despite the long-distance hiring process, Scott said EFPR was accommodating and made it simple. Then, once he arrived, he felt embraced as a member of the team.

“Everyone was very welcoming. They sent out a welcome email, and people came over and said ‘Hi’ to me. Normally no one actually does that,” Scott said. “Everyone here is a lot more personable and very friendly.”

Scott says his team continues to grow and expand and so far, he has no regrets about his career decision. Not only has his work situation improved, but the open and flexible culture at EFPR Group is an added perk.

“Where I came from it was work before life,” he says. “Here, it’s very evident that life comes first.”